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Permaculture - sustainable and economic solutions

Permaculture goes far beyond organic gardening or ecological land management. The aim of permaculture is to plan, design & maintain living spaces for people within the framework of ecological carrying capacity. To achieve this, all natural cycles are closed and interconnected in the best possible way. The use of renewable raw materials (NAWAROS) plays a key role in this.

Within this training, in theory (Permaculture Design Course) the understanding of sustainable habitat design, circular economy, waste processing, common good economy & Christoff Schneider's permaculture balance sheet is taught in an easy to understand way.

This training provides people with tools to be as self-sufficient as possible in all climate zones of the earth. It provides basic knowledge to start an independent, self-reliant, healthy life and become an asset to the common good.
This permaculture training follows the strict guidelines of Bill Mollison and the Permaculture Research Institute Australia and is therefore completed with an internationally recognised certificate.

No previous knowledge is necessary, but some familiarity with the subject matter is an advantage.

Practical exercises and excursions reinforce what has been learned and make this course a unique experience.
Each course participant plans and presents their own project work at the end of the permaculture seminar.

Depending on the nationality of the participants, the course is held in English or German and translated into French if necessary.


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When: 15 - 28 July 2024
Where: Le Moulin de Gaudun, 32250 Montréal du Gers, France

Early bird discount until 15 May 2024: 1750 € all inclusive

Course participation normal: 1900 € all inclusive

Course participation without overnight stay: 1600 € including meals
(If you would like to stay in a gîte or hostel in the vicinity, please contact us in good time. We will be happy to help you).

Sponsoring participation for yourself and sponsoring an additional course place: 1900 €.

Payment for the course must be made after the invoice is issued in May 2024. 
However, registration is binding!


This price includes accommodation in the dormitory, the group tent, your own tent or camper. Bed linen is available on request for a fee of 10,-€.

Food and Drink

Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.tea and coffee - vegan or vegetarian) is included. 
Drinks such as juices, wine and beer are charged according to consumption.

Please inform us of any food allergies etc. when registering so that we can cater accordingly.


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In this 2 week permaculture design course with Dipl.Permaculture teacher and designer Christoff Schneider we will dive deep into
"What is Permaculture Design, Planning & Design?"

Course topics:

Principles of sustainable habitat planning and design; Gaia - the earth as a living organism
- Energy and entropy
- Diversity and yield
- Cycles
- Storage and conservation

Practical planning
- General and practical design considerations
- Sector planning and zoning, including harmonious energy flows
- Succession, plant communities, mixed cultures
- Care and maintenance

Pattern language of nature and indigenous peoples
- Energy flow in landscapes
- Adoption of natural patterns in permaculture design

The importance of trees
- Influence on soils, water, climate and biosphere
- Creation of forest gardens and edible forests
- Agroforestry systems

- Water quality, water cycle and water storage
- Precipitation and evaporation
- Dam and pond construction, natural ponds and biotopes
- Grey and black water
- Biogas plants

- Soil formation, soil erosion
- Soil composition, soil structure and classification, soil improvement
- Soil organisms
- Composting and fertilising

Earth resources and planning earthworks
- Earthworks, earth resources and ethics
- Planning and timing
- Land surveying, slope assessment, slope safety
- Slopes and terraces
- Planting

Permaculture in cold or warm temperate climates, in the tropics and in arid regions
- Climatic peculiarities
- Soil improvement
- House design, settlement planning
- Ecological building materials
- Home, fruit and forest gardens
- Food processing and storage
- Integrated animal husbandry

Strategies for the future/outlook
- Presentation of alternatives to political systems, NGOs etc.
- Teaching the basics of an alternative world population based on personal responsibility, regional organisations and a

common good economy
- Alternative currencies and financial systems
- Ethical investment, support for needy people & areas

The importance of sustainability and understanding one's own ecological footprint round off the course.

Our Team

Christoff Schneider

President Permaculture School Association

"It is the highest to spend time in the morning with a cup of tea in the vegetable garden, to observe, to enjoy, to discover and to be allowed to bring people closer to ethics & philosophy in courses and with gardens, permaculture design."

  • Internationally active permaculture consultant, designer & lecturer from Austria.
  • Since 2008 the only certified permaculture teacher of Bill Mollison & the Australian Permaculture Research Institute in the German speaking countries.
  • Specialised in project implementation, community building,
  • syntropic agriculture, keyline design, circular economy, 
  • forest garden & agroforestry systems.
  • Meditation & Yoga teacher


Laura Behrens & 
Thomas Bahn

Owner of the Moulin de Gaudun and organisation of the PDC.

"We want to create a place where people and nature prosper in harmony with each other - through which we can experience and give joy, experience and experience community, learn and teach new things, and thus make our individual contribution to peace and the well-being of our wonderful planet."

Montessori educator and permaculture project leader, cook during the PDC and open to all questions

Homeopath, alternative practitioner and multi-talented craftsman.

We are looking forward to our time together!

Birgit Nadrau

Cook during the PDC

" quote "

  • freelance artist
  • permaculture designer

Birgit Nadrau